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The risk of fire in the living quarters in the real sense of responsibility, can be managed with adequate knowledge and training in engineering, it is a matter of having too many vital elements. In the case of fire, risk analysis venue according to its characteristics, and equipment issues must not be carried out fully mastered. the control panel will be used in the detection, detectors, alarm equipment and control interfaces, confirmed by standardization bodies and adopted by the competent authorities and certificate and must have been approved. This issue is essential as an important product quality and reliable system. Follow the COFEM brand known world in projects of any scale Armia housing, factories, schools, hospitals, a.v.m. at different scales, such as creating sustainable solutions combining technology with experience. Cofee high technology with full certification, the armiya's solution-oriented approach is met with one user as accurate and reliable projects. Turn in your risk management to us, meet with COFEM technology.