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Access control systems used in all kinds of media should be allowed to pass is available. By recognizing people with different methods, it allows authorization. This method, known as the beginning of proximity card / device that comes in contact with the key. This device is to be able to recognize the person with proximity card as an alternative to memory card, called Mifare card. As an alternative to the card reader fingerprint reader (which these devices fingerprints are absolutely device compares them to produce numerical value retention as a fingerprint), encrypted devices, face recognition devices, biometric vein reading, iris readers some of these features as available separately at the same time It can be let within the bulundurup optional reading methods are available for more security on devices that allow the use of successive used in many more. Almost all kinds of connections that can be made to pass this unit systems, turnstiles, barriers and can be used in the door. electromagnetic locks can be submitted later to trigger the use of existing electronic locks on the doors, pin Başacar using the electronic lock or door lock tongue lock the door may be achievable given to secure the trigger.