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In parallel to developing economies in the fast growing vehicle population has pushed the idea of ​​taking a number of measures alongside human beings. Among these tools to control the entry and exit comes. Almost every environment has been provided to the vehicle control. These sites, business centers, indoor or outdoor parking, traffic usually closed roads and institutions can be listed as input-output +. The environment in controlling the vehicle stopped, the identity needed to be asked to specify or input can not be used except for authorized vehicles. Barrier arm to move the vehicle floor, fungi or blocking barrier (usually in places that are at risk of attack) establishing transitional drawn to the required standard. Barrier controls the density of the license plate recognition system as defined plate to allow the system to automatically mentioned, is based on the undefined plate to allow passage within the officer's knowledge policy. An example of a barrier opening passage control system offered as an alternative to the automatic switching depending on whether the license plate recognition system that we call the vehicle's glass mounted magnetic identification card. Taught with a card reading system card / key style accessories are the kind seen in the case of a system that allows defined. Accordingly, if the output of the media photocells or loop detectors laid in the ground waiting for permission to pass through are given.